DIFIABA Color Collection


Discover the DIFIABA Difference Hair with Moxie is proud to feature the DIFIABA Color Collection. Inspired by generations of Italian heritage, the hair color experts DIFIABA Labs blend the charm and elegance of Italy’s artisanal hand crafted formulas with the latest in technology and style, DIFIABA brings a class of…

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Sojourn PH Perfect Hair Care Products


Hair With Moxie proudly features the Sojourn PH Perfect, positive chemistry for hair, products.   Sojourn is: Made in America 0% sulfate 0% paraben 0% formaldehyde 0% salt 0% gluten 0% alcohol (denatured) 0% artifical color 100% biodegradable Products available for purchase in store at Hair with Moxie, 1222 NW Eastman…

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