Angela has been a professional hairstylist for 6 years specializing in anything hair!


Color, cuts, braids, up-dos, wedding hair. If it’s unconventional hair, even better. Angela loves doing vintage hair.

“If somebody comes in and says I want a pin-up I almost pee my pants. I love vintage!”


When Angela was 8 years old she helped give her dad a perm (ode to the 80’s). her grandmother was so impressed that she recruited her to perm and style her hair. She was hooked.

Being at Hair with Moxie is a highlight for Angela, “I love working with friends. Salon owner Georgiana has been a friend since college and when she asked me to join her I jumped at the chance.”

Angela loves to read and watch TV’s animated series Bob’s Burgers. Also, like any average person she’s got got 5 mannequin heads at home that she uses for practicing hair. She is a self proclaimed “Toy’s R’ Us Kid”.

Doing nothing is her simplest pleasure in life. You’d be surprised at the effort it takes to truly do nothing and actually be ok with it.

I’m a people a watcher. I can sit in a coffee shop all day watching people.

At Hair with Moxie we know that Angela’s observations and perspective on life make her an amazing hairsylist and a wonderful member of our team.

To book an appointment with Angela please contact the Hair with Moxie salon.

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