Longing for that shiny, luxurious hair you’ve been seeing on Pintrest?

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Longing for that shiny, luxurious hair you have been seeing on Pintrest? Wonder no more we are here 5 stylist extrodinares who bring a wealth of hair knowledge from all different backgrounds. We will be taking questions monthly and answering them in this forum. Check in monthly and see what the topic is. If you have a hair related question email hairwithmoxiegresham@gmail.com and we will try and get to as many as we can.

For this first piece I will talk about a topic I think that we are all struggling with this time of year and that is dry, lackluster hair. After months of forced air and trying to keep up with the latest color trends your hair is thirsty and probably frizzy and difficult to manage.
You’ve tried coconut oil just like the link told you to but to no avail almost seems drier… why is that? There’s more information in this interesting article I read. Coconut oil is not a cure all and especially if you are chemically treating your hair regularly. Treating the scalp for dryness and treating the hair for dryness are two different things. We need to start thinking of them separately. They are not one and the same. Once the hair has left your scalp it is dead. Coconut oil works great to moisturize your scalp and can help moisturize your hair depending on type of hair, desired end results and how it is used.
You can not balyage, ombre, smudge root, dark to light depending on the season and then go home and put some coconut oil on your ends once a month and keep using your Herbal Essences shampoo (because it smells so good) and expect your hair to be happy. This is a very thorough piece on drug store vs salon. This topic has already been written about extensively on-line so I will not bore you with all the details.

At Hair with Moxie we have in-salon treatments that can be combined with any service or as a service by itself. Why would you pay for one you ask? Well for a couple of reasons:

  1. They are customized for you by your stylist depending on your hair needs. Not all dry hair is created equal where some needs moisture alone and others need moisture and protein. Your stylist is the best judge of that so Ask your stylist!
  2. Google can’t touch your hair and know however your stylist can. Why pay hundreds on color services if you won’t invest in taking care of it after the service? It has been proven over and over that color fading is reduced drastically when the hair is maintained properly in between visits.

After receiving your in salon treatment make sure and pick up some take home salon products to maintain what has been achieved in the salon. We have done extensive research to make sure that we have a product that delivers on its hair care promises.

What are you waiting for call and schedule a treatment today!

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