As a stylist you are trained to ask others about them and not talk about you. Now I have to sit down and talk about me in a bio for my website? Where do I start? Beauty school? Do I talk about the fact that I grew up with beauty salons? I am second generation cosmetologist.  Or do I start with the fact that I have a successful business with a wonderful team.

I guess I will start at the beginning … somewhere far away in Romania a young cosmetologist was born.

No seriously, that was my attempt at being funny on paper.

I have been in the beauty industry the majority of my life. It is not just my job it is my passion, my art and my way of giving back to the people I come in contact with. My goal is to help my clients achieve the look they are striving to see in the mirror. As a professional stylist I will use all the tools and skills I have acquired over my years in the industry.

My goal is always shiny, healthy hair. If I feel like the look may take a few visits to achieve I will be honest. That is my commitment to the client at all times along with education on hair health. Having 13+ years being an educator in the industry has influenced my behind the chair conversations. I want my clients to make informed decisions about their hair and I feel the more information I can give them the more informed their decisions will be.

Along with love of the industry comes a hunger for knowledge and a constant striving to be the best stylist I can. That means continuing education on a regular basis.  Taking classes, watching videos following trends are just some of the ways that I enjoy spending my free time. As a whole our industry is constantly evolving and in order to be the best stylist I need to evolve and not be afraid of learning something new.

“Color me this, color me that, we do it all from blonde to black.”

That tag line originated in 2004 and still holds very true for me today. I have been professionally trained in 8 different color lines including Joico, ISO, Goldwell, Tigi Alfa Praf, Paul Mitchell, Redken and Difiaba. I have also invested numerous hours in haircutting classes to learn how to deal with all different hair types. I still get just as excited as I did when I first started the only difference is now I have more confidence and more tools.

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